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Sunday, July 12, 2015

For Sophie, My Beloved

Creature of God
I love you.

Creature of God
who knows fear first
and love when it comes,
I love you.

Creature of God
who kneels,
who shows thanks,
who knows not how to praise,
but knows how to express
I love you.

Creature of God
who protects
and self-sacrifices
for love,
I love  you.

Creature of God
who knows not God,
but does more for God
than most,
I love you.

Creature of God
who knows not God,
God loves you more
for you are most worthy.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

A Foam Cup

A foam cup
sits at the water fountain.

and half the floor is consumed;
the other half, observant.

Struggles in obedience,
and ambivalence;
with some agnostic side-line stares.

A foam cup
sits single
not so lonely, 
it actually stands...

A foam cup 
conveniently near water
close by,...more water
...a closet.

A cup
it speaks.
Ramadhan and
Ablution is upon us
than any abnormal day...

The Fast,
the cup, 
a sign;
it speaks not of breaking a fast
and other 
more significant  words.

Note: Inspired by a foam cup sitting on a water fountain next to a water closet in a State building in Ohio during the month of Ramadhan. There were a number of Muslims fasting on the floor that month. Someone needed it for Ablution and other Islamic rituals.